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Kathy M. Laster, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Impact Co-Founder: Kathy M. LasterKathy Laster is a Co-CEO and founding partner of IMPACT. She brings to her clients more than 35 years of experience in business management, board leadership, professional consulting, and clinical practice. When working with her clients, Kathy draws from her 15 years in management for a Fortune 100 company and 20 years in consulting and clinical work.

When working with clients, Kathy focuses not only on the obvious challenges but also the hidden opportunities within any organization. In each consulting engagement, Kathy merges her skill-sets and talents into a unique repertoire that she uses to meet the needs of her clients.

Whether in the corporate arena, small business environment, or non-profit sector, Kathy capitalizes on her diverse background to re-focus and improve any organization’s effectiveness and sustainability in the marketplace. Using her abundance of knowledge and expertise, both from a business perspective as well as the “people” perspective, Kathy helps organizations to achieve a high IMPACT balance of potential, people, and profits.

Kathy is a veteran of leading the development of many successful strategic plans. For her clients, she utilizes innovative blend of proven methods to develop dynamic and successful strategies. She knows the key to success is aligning the right people with well-planned, well-defined, and well-communicated business strategies. With her skills in understanding human behavior, she helps organizational leaders build engaged work teams and create cultures that drive growth and profitability to face competitive challenges head-on.

Kathy lives in Shawnee, Oklahoma, where she owns a private clinical practice and lives with her husband and their two children.


  • Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, University of Oklahoma
  • M.B.A. with Honors, Oklahoma City University
  • M.S. Community Counseling, Oklahoma State University
  • RHR International Doctoral Dissertation Award on Work/Family Balance from the Society of Consulting Psychology
  • B.S. Speech: Communication Consultancy, Oklahoma State University - Selected the Outstanding Female Graduate -Oklahoma State University-1977


  • IMPACT, LLC - Founding Partner
  • Serves as Adjunct Faculty, OUHSC, College Of Pharmacy, Leadership Institute
  • Current Adjunct Faculty for CVS Summer Leadership Institute
  • Licensed Psychologist; American & Oklahoma Psychological Associations; Society of Consulting
  • Behavioral Medicine Associates - Private Practice Co-Owner
  • American Psychological Association; APA Society of Consulting Pyschologists; Oklahoma Pyschological Association - Member
  • Institute of Coaching Professional Association at McLean Hospital (a Harvard Medical School affiliate) - Member
  • Registered Leadership Coach
  • AT&T/Southwestern Bell – 15 years - Selected for Senior Leadership Development Program
  • Led regional sales, retail, customer service, manufacturing, international/domestic product management & marketing, and telemarketing teams of up to 400 employees
  • Led 500+ management development workshops as internal coach/facilitator
  • Business experience includes mergers, business closings and restructuring
  • Served as Adjunct Faculty, MBA Program, Oklahoma City University


  • Avedis Foundation ($100M Community Foundation in Shawnee, OK), Current and Founding Member of Board of Directors
  • Unity Health Center - 150-Bed Hospital in Shawnee, OK, Board of Directors 1994-2012, Past Member and Chairperson of the Board
  • Oklahoma State University Alumni Association, Past National President and Board Member

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