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Customized Leadership Assessment Process

Impact Individual Customized Leadership AssessmentsAs a leader, you want to make a lasting IMPACT. You want to know what you do well and where you can improve. IMPACT combines their expertise, use of research-based assessment tools, and an effective feedback process to help measure where you are – and find ways to help you get to the “next level.”

Our leadership assessment program:

  • Can be used not only for leadership development, but also for executive hiring, succession planning, high potential talent identification and promotions, and acquisition – leadership due diligence.
  • Easily fits into existing organizational development programs – and offers relevant, observable, and measurable results on leadership skills.
  • Encourages options for customization that can encourage a sense of ownership and enhance performance throughout the organization.
  • Provides valid and reliable results that can help individuals and teams align their performance objectives with those of the entire organization.
  • Benefits the leader by increasing self-awareness at a more accelerated rate, therefore allowing coaching to begin at an advanced level.

Our well-designed assessment processes provide individuals, leaders, HR professionals and executives with the information and evaluations they need to improve their own leadership effectiveness and to understand the best way to enhance the careers of their employees and create greater value for the entire organization. IMPACT also offers group profiles that provide objective data to support needs assessments, succession planning, staff planning, cohesive team building, and other key human resource programs.

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