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Executive Leadership Coaching

Impact Individual Executive Leadership Coaching

From the professional staff to the executive suite, IMPACT Consulting brings a myriad of resources to the organization. We utilize our highly specialized knowledge of human behavior, gold standard assessments, and developmental planning to provide targeted, focused coaching to assist leaders to improve their self-awareness and achieve optimal professional effectiveness.

Tie individual GoalsTie Individual Goals to Organizational Strategy.

We help leaders define and clarify individual goals for coaching along with encouraging input from supervisors.  It is critically important to then effectively tie individual goals to the company’s overall strategy to drive the success of the organization.

Assess Leadership StrengthsAssess Leadership Strengths and Developmental Opportunities.

Through a sophisticated, proven assessment process, we clarify the strengths a leader can leverage, as well as developmental opportunities they will need to work on, to ensure success for both themselves and the organization.

Determine the Go-Forward StrategyDetermine the Go-Forward Strategy.

Strategically targeting areas for improvement in leadership development is crucial.  We help leaders design an action plan that will increase their leadership capacity and directly impact the company’s bottom-line.

Ongoing SupportOngoing Support by a Trusted Advisor.

Our coaches provide objective observations that foster self-awareness, challenge blind spots and encourage shifts in thinking and behaviors.  We also act as a sounding board in exploring possibilities and implementing thoughtful planning and decision-making.

Trusted Advisors

Executive and corporate coaching directly impacts your company's bottom line results. With reduced turnover, increased engagement, and stronger performance you'll easily maximize the return on investment in your most talented people. A corporate executive coaching program will help develop your high-potential people, build a leadership pipeline and increase the company's bench strength.

Corporate and executive coaching clients learn how their behaviors impact peers, subordinates, bosses, and customers. They also work on successfully navigating company politics, fine tuning strategic thinking, communication and decision making skills and driving high performance results.

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