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Cultural Transformation

Impact Organization Cultural TransformationCompanies are discovering that a high performing organization requires careful attention to the "soft side" - the values and beliefs that are the heart of the company, the policies and practices that put those values into action, and the importance of teaching the members of the organization how they create value for their customers. IMPACT Consulting will help leaders assess their current culture, identify and target key cultural and development areas within the organization and help customize key initiatives that are needed to transform a company's culture. 

Assess the Organizational CultureAssess the Organizational Culture.

An assessment is completed by employees in the company. The results will outline what is working well in the organization and what the opportunities for improvement are within the company.

Results and RecommendationsResults and Recommendations.

We provide easy-to-interpret, graphical results based on percentiles, and offers comparisons to a global normative database.  Based on the results report, we give recommendations to convert issues to solutions that will directly impact your bottom line performance.


Determine the Go-forward StrategyDetermine the Go-Forward Strategy.

We work with organizations to customize the solutions into targeted cultural transformation initiatives.  Having a strategy to create a healthy organizational culture is crucial to success. 

Building a Healthy Organizational Culture.

Research shows the direct link between organizational culture and the bottom-line. However, organizational culture is complicated.. you can't just study other companies and apply their approach. We have found that the key to a successful cultural transformation is intertwined with understanding an organization's history, norms, external environment, and aspirations, as well as the passions and capabilities of its people. Creating and sustaining your own recipe for success - one uniquely suited to these factors - delivers results in a way that your competitors simply can't copy.

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