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What Do You Need to Change in 2016? Map Out How to Achieve It!

This is the time of the year that everyone is doing their New Year’s resolutions…and within a week most of us will not follow through on those lofty goals. We all do it - whether we vow to be more healthy, be more savvy financially or simply get out of our comfort zones. We commit to it, backslide and then feel that we have failed miserably somehow. So what stands in our way? For most of us it is a matter of changing not just our behaviors, but also our mindset. Read More

The Real Reasons You Avoid Performance Evaluations!

It’s that time of year again…and I’m not referring to the holidays! It’s appraisal time for many organizations that opt to perform their annual reviews at year-end. And even if yours comes at a different time of year, it’s still not likely to be your favorite thing to do. In an article by Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb. 2014, Find the Coaching in Criticism by Heen & Stone, report statistics that you’re not alone: Read More

Top 15 Reasons an Organizational Culture Will Be Outstanding

There are so many different reasons to investigate an organization’s culture! Possibly you are looking to be hired by a certain company or you may be performing due diligence for an acquisition or merger or potentially you are simply observing your own culture. Regardless of the reason, here are fifteen key areas to research in order to develop a snapshot of any organization’s culture. Read More

So Much to Be Thankful For… Are You Cultivating a Work Culture of Gratitude?

While taking a brisk walk with my husband this past weekend, along a walking path next to a busy street, I had a disconcerting thought. I wondered if the mindless wandering of my thoughts was similar to the East Central University baseball player who was jogging when he was brutally shot and murdered by ‘bored’ teenagers in Duncan a few years back? Read More

Knocked Down by Adversity? Wake Up, Focus and Fight!

We have all experienced such events in our lifetime whether it is a flashback to the Oklahoma City Bombing or 9/11 or some other horror. When such an event occurs it hits all of us the same way. We are cruising along in our own lives, effectively dealing with challenges, feeling confident, focused on what is going on in our own lives. Then some inexplicable regional or world event occurs resulting in us feeling first shock, then sadness then anger. Read More

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