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Why Do I Come Here?

Every Tuesday I eat at the same restaurant. My daughter has a standing appointment nearby, and while I originally sat in my car and read, caught up on emails, slept or mindlessly surfed, I now go to my weekly dining spot. I really want this place to be good. I desperately want it to be my little spot where I know the people and they make delicious food, my own little secret gem, my Tuesday night haven. Read More

Be a Courageous Leader and Ask "What Is My Reputation?"

In a recent study conducted by Green Peak Partners and Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, executives were studied at public and private companies with revenues from $50 million to $5 billion. The research examined a number of executive interpersonal traits, but the finding that most resonated with our topic today was: Read More

The Psychology of Hate in College Football: What Can Rivalries Teach Us About Competition in Business?

What Makes a Rivalry? Rivalry - it incites the passions of fans and motivates both past and current players. It is the foundation upon which sports, and particularly college sports, is founded upon. Rivalry games can make or break seasons even when the match ups appear lopsided. Whether it’s Ohio State-Michigan, USC-Notre Dame, Auburn-Alabama, or Oklahoma-Texas...if any of the underdogs pull off an upset on any given Saturday, it will make their year—and ruin their rival’s year. Read More
I ♥ New York:   A Brilliant Branding Story

I ♥ New York: A Brilliant Branding Story

In the 1970s, New York City was in trouble. The economy was tanking. Residents and companies were fleeing the city. The tax base was crumbling and budgets were bankrupt. Drug addiction was high. Murder rates were skyrocketing. During the blackout of 1977, there was heavy looting and civil unrest. Tourists stayed away as a result of the negative publicity and people were moving to Connecticut in droves. New York City looked to some like a city in “irreversible decline.” Read More
4 Core Leadership Beliefs That Make Pope Francis a Transformational CEO

4 Core Leadership Beliefs That Make Pope Francis a Transformational CEO

Last week I was working with a team in New York City and got caught up in the excitement of “the People’s Pope” visiting the Big Apple. Early one morning I was out for a brisk walk and, as I was passing St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 51st Street, I noticed the gift shop was overflowing with people. My curiosity got the best of me and I stopped to find out what was going on. People were buying pope memorabilia and talking about their chances at.......... Read More

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