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Where Have All The Kolaches Gone? – 10 Powerful Benefits of Embracing Change!

My paternal grandfather emigrated from Czechoslovakia in the early 1900’s. I grew up eating delicious kolaches every time I visited with the Malchar side of the family, where they settled in Crosby, Texas (near Houston). For my birthday this year, a dear friend treated me by planning a trip to the Czech Republic, so I could look into my European heritage. One thing I looked forward to most was to have an authentic kolache! I am sad to say, I left Prague having never seen one! Read More

Why 75% of Top Companies Use Selection and Leadership Development Assessments

As many of you know, we are partnering with an Oklahoma company, Hogan Assessments, and plan to host a certification workshop in October for our Oklahoma City community. This workshop will bring leaders from across the country to work with the Hogan team understanding how they can better utilize assessments to build high performing teams in their respective companies. Read More


I live in the world of “work culture” and, quite honestly, so do you. Whether you are flipping through a business journal or following a Twitter feed – organizational culture is constantly making news. Recently, two big events have occurred and brought to the forefront the ongoing debate about not only workplace culture, but what makes a really great culture? Read More

Busy-ness is The New Lazines

Have you ever noticed how we tend to fill up all the available space in our life? We Americans like almost no other culture pride ourselves on our busyness. Gap on the calendar? Fill it. Pack those productive meetings in and feel important and urgently needed. Answer emails, mark something off your list and believe that all of that work is moving life forward somehow. Read More

What Inborn Leadership Traits Do You Have?

For years there has been a debate in the literature about whether leaders are born or made. Trait Theorists believe that people inherit certain qualities and traits that make them better suited to leadership. “To suggest that leaders do not enter the world with extraordinary endowment is to imply that people enter the world with equal abilities, with equal talents.” (Thomas Carlyle 1840) Read More

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