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Time to Up Your Coaching Game! ...and W.I.N. B.I.G!

We often hear from leaders how overwhelmed they are…not enough hours in a day, and especially when it comes to spending the needed time with their people. Add to this, employees’ growing expectations of being developed and boss’s expectations for managers to coach their people and the plot thickens! It’s not that managers are resistant to the idea of coaching their people, but when and how?! Read More


Last week we discussed the four “happy” chemicals we all possess "YOU Are Responsible for Creating a Circle of Safety on Your Team". As a conclusion to this series, we wanted to talk about one more chemical that impacts whether or not you are building a Circle of Safety within your culture. That chemical is cortisol. Cortisol is designed to keep us alive by helping us look for danger. Read More

YOU Are Responsible for Creating a Circle of Safety on Your Team

Dangers constantly exist all around us. Whether it’s people trying to lure our customers away, a rough economy, acts of terrorism, or an unexpected illness or death of a loved one — the world is full of danger. However, this danger should not extend to our internal work environments feeling unsafe. Read More

Positively Impact Your Culture Through a Post-It Note... and 5 Other Actionable Insights

Something interesting that I have noticed through the years in working with people and teams is that “themes” start to develop in the work. The theme that has been developing the last couple of weeks has been that people REALLY WANT TO BE KNOWN by their leaders and, on the other side of that, leaders have NO IDEA how much others are impacted by their behaviors – both good and bad. Read More


Several months ago, while watching the evening news, I was fascinated with two separate stories that were actually two sides of the same coin. The common thread between these stories was a national discussion about paid time off. One news segment criticized the President of the United States for taking too much vacation and can be read here. My thought while watching the coverage was this is the Leader of the Free World! Read More

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