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A Good Night’s Sleep: You Can't Afford to Do Without It!

In our American culture that prizes “busy-ness,” getting enough sleep can easily become low on the priority list—or can even feel like a luxury. You’ve probably heard (or made) comments like “I don’t have time to get enough sleep” or complaints that “I can’t shut my mind off to fall asleep.” Well, the reality is that the person who stays up late to clear a few more things off of his/her desk (or who lies in bed tossing and turning) is likely underperforming the next day. Read More

What Do You Do with Your Bosshole? Part 2 of 2

As we discussed, bossholes rub their co-workers the wrong way. Their words and actions create conflict that negatively impacts subordinates, peers, and even superiors, eroding employee motivation and organizational productivity. One of the biggest indications that you are dealing with a bosshole is when their disruptive behavior leaves people feeling disrespected. Their abrasive conduct can range on a continuum from mildly irritating to severely disruptive. Read More

Do You Have a Bosshole in Your Organization? Part 1 of 2

Do you find it harder and harder to hire top talent these days? And once you do, that it's almost as difficult to keep your top employees from moving on to another company? If so, you should consider an unpleasant thought: Your organization may be employing a bosshole. Read More

What Super Bowl XLIX Can Teach Leaders about Winning Teams

Super Bowl 2015 is in the history books. Despite the controversial build up, this year’s game did not disappoint. It had what you would expect of a championship matchup: Phenomenal teams; remarkable coaches; players prepared and fully committed; and neither team losing focus on the goal. It came down to one play, a play where a rookie hero was born and a classy coach accepted responsibility. The most obvious lesson: Never give up or quit believing in yourself, anything is possible! Read More

Super Bowl XLIX Quarterbacks: Who Has the Leadership Advantage?

In case you all had not heard, it is Super Bowl Week! For Russell Wilson's Seattle Seahawks to become the first team in a decade to win consecutive Super Bowls, they'll have to beat the most recent group to do it, Tom Brady's New England Patriots. We thought it would be a lot of fun to bring you a two-part blog on the 2015 Super Bowl. This week we will highlight the two quarterbacks and next week we will dig deeper into the team aspect of this historic matchup. Read More

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