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Growing a Culture of Generosity During the Holidays Using Conscious Capitalism!

Last week I was in LA working with USC Marshall School of Business facilitating a workshop within their Leadership Development Program. While there I went to coffee with two friends who are consultants in the LA area. They introduced me to a “new” movement called Conscious Capitalism. Read More

Cultivate a Sense of Outrage in Your Organization to IMPACT the Culture

As you know, there has been a lot of discontent and outrage covered in the news lately having to do with the death of African American men and police interchanges. Since we typically take current and relevant topics and relate them to leadership, we felt compelled to make the case as to why outrage is crucial to significant change in our society and how it can successfully be used to implement change or spur innovation within an organization. Read More

10 Things You Must STOP Doing as a Leader

We have about a month until the end of the year, so all of us at IMPACT Consulting would like to highlight some things to focus on during the last thirty days of the year. Typically, we encourage business leaders and executives to increase certain behaviors to make them more effective. This week we thought we would "turn the tables" and let you in on some things that we have found in our work with organizations that leaders/executives should be working on doing less of: Read More

The Unexpected Benefit of Gratefulness!

Despite all the work of cooking and preparing, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! First, it’s the start to the holiday season. Second, it is a celebration that everyone seems to take part in…a “time out” so to speak from the busy lives we lead and an opportunity to practice a little mindfulness by savoring the time with our friends & families. Third, and most importantly, we love the theme, giving thanks. This year we challenge you to notice the unexpected benefits of gratefulness! Read More

Cracker Jack Customer Care

Last week on a trip to the Chicago, I realized how many candy companies had their beginnings in the Windy City…one of them being an old nostalgic favorite of mine, Cracker Jack. This prompted me to do a little research. Even with as little as I know about the company I know nothing screams “Americana” like the 7th inning stretch and a box of Cracker Jacks. But would you believe this “old school” snack was created by a German immigrant and debuted not at the ballpark, but at the World’s Fair? Read More

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