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Mindfulness: Why All the Buzz?

All the buzz about mindfulness appears to be a reactionary trend in our society to counteract the dark side of the technological boom we have experienced over the past several decades. Change continues to happen at an accelerated pace. We live in a frenetic world, where being “crazy busy” and moving quickly are prized more than good judgment. All the buzz about mindfulness appears to be a reactionary trend in our society to counteract the dark side of the technological boom we have experienced.. Read More

Leadership: Things You Can Learn from Jimmy Fallon

A couple of weeks ago Kathy and I were at a leadership team retreat dinner with one of our favorite clients. The question asked of the table was “If you could have dinner with anyone either living or dead who would it be?” Most people responded with amazing people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa. My response was Jimmy Fallon. WHAT? Who says that to such a heavy question? Let me explain. Read More

Culture Inspirations from "America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration!"

Consider these two phrases: "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. From the inside looking out, you can't explain it." & "First you're a part of it, then it becomes a part of you." When you reflect upon their meaning, they provide rich culture inspirations from "America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration!" where they were displayed this past weekend. (More on that in a moment!) For now, think about what they say about culture... Read More

5 Leadership Lessons from College Football

It could be argued that there are numerous leadership positions on a college team, let’s say that the CEO of a college football team is the head coach. Midway through the season, whether your team is riding high after a big win or realizing your team has a lot of work to do after a depressing loss, sports-loving leaders looking for inspiration need look no further than these college football coaches for a few relevant business lessons. These are the five leadership lessons from college football: Read More

Time for a Team Check Up?

Just like any relationship, we have to invest time, energy, and attention to keep our work relationships healthy. We know this from our significant relationships in our life. A strong marriage, close family ties, and a good friendship all require intentional maintenance efforts. Work teams are no different! You worked hard to get the right people on the team, created alignment around the direction you wanted to take things, and got the train moving solidly down the track. Good for you! Read More

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