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Gender Equality: Both Men & Women Have Some Stepping Up To Do!

Last week my college age daughter sent me a link (apparently gone viral) to the recent speech that Emma Watson made to the U.N. I clicked on it and became mesmerized by Ms. Watson’s remarks. Lately, there seems to be a reigniting of the gender equality movement. Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, published this year immediately became a #1 national best seller and now the He for She movement referred to by Watson. The hope is that............ Read More

Top Five Ways to Know if This Person is "The One"

You have now come to that critical point in your career that you are going to need to bring on a business partner or new team member. It is an exciting, yet terrifying opportunity and it is not a choice you can afford to flub. Not only will picking the right person affect your livelihood and Read More

New Learning for Leaders from the Neurosciences!

How many times have you heard or contemplated this question – “If you are going to give someone mixed feedback, should you give the positive or negative feedback first”? A few months ago, Cristina and I attended the Society of Consulting Psychologists Annual Conference where we heard from renowned speaker, Dr. Richard Boyatzis*, and learned the science behind the answer…Definitely start with the positive! Read More

Valuable Lessons From Zappos!

As many of you may know, IMPACT made a trip out to Zappos Headquarters in Las Vegas this last week. It was absolutely one of the most energizing and inspiring trips we have been on in a long time! Tony Hseih, CEO, focuses on three areas of businesses that most companies don’t even consider during strategic planning. Here are some lessons that we can all learn from: Read More

Could You Be Overplaying Your Strengths?

We tend to "go with our strengths," those attributes that come natural to each of us. Some leadership gurus suggest we pay too much attention to our weaknesses and remind us we need to build on our strengths. Don’t we all love StrengthsFinders where we get to highlight what we do well? It’s a comfy, cozy place to be! Read More

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