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Could You Be Overplaying Your Strengths?

We tend to "go with our strengths," those attributes that come natural to each of us. Some leadership gurus suggest we pay too much attention to our weaknesses and remind us we need to build on our strengths. Don’t we all love StrengthsFinders where we get to highlight what we do well? It’s a comfy, cozy place to be! Read More

Embrace Your Dark Side

Last week I was lucky enough to be a guest at the Tribal Rainmakers Dinner in L.A. with Dave Logan, Jack Bennett and Carrie Kish of CultureSync. CultureSync is a management consulting firm and it’s founder, Dave, is a NYT best selling author and professor in USC’s Marshall School of Business. Upon walking into a great restaurant where we met, I found a room full of fun, bright, insightful people. Throughout dinner we had a great intellectual conversation led by Dave. Read More

Are Blind Spots Impacting Your Leadership Effectiveness?

Blind spots. We all have them…those painful little behavioral manifestations of our attributes that cause our intention not to equal our desired impact. We each were born with a set of personality traits and abilities that we have worked to hone over the years to improve our effectiveness, and especially as leaders. By virtue of getting one set of strengths, we are automatically dealt another set of weaknesses (or what Cristina and I like to call “opportunities for self management”)! Read More

Top Talent is Hard to Find!

This is something we have heard in every industry and at every level recently. Hiring employers are quick to lay blame. Schools aren’t giving kids the right kind of training. There is a talent shortage and we can’t match the money some companies are paying. The list can go on and on and, to be honest, in recent years, it has become a much tighter and more competitive work environment. The economy is on the road to recovery and the talent pool is thinner (unemployment is hovering around 6%). Read More

Is it better to be Loved or Feared?

Machiavelli took on this question centuries ago in the course of writing The Prince, famously advising at one point that “Since it is hard to find these traits in one person, it is better to be feared than loved”. Recent behavioral science is weighing in with research showing that Machiavelli was partly right. When we judge others – especially our leaders – we first look at two characteristics: how lovable they are (warmth and trustworthiness) and how fearsome they are Read More

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