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Why Helping Others Can Drive our Success

This world is divided into three categories of people: Givers, Takers and Matchers. Givers give without expectation of immediate gain; they never seem too busy to help, share credit actively and mentor generously. Matchers go through life with a master check list in mind, giving when they can see how they will get something of equal value back and to people who they think can help them. Takers seek to come out ahead in every exchange; they manage up and are defensive about their turf. Read More

New Website

We are delighted to announce our new website which has been many months in the planning. At the same time, we are also launching various social media interfaces, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter! You have been “top of mind” as we designed all of these platforms. Read More

Land of Strangers

“Relational Capital”…now that’s a new term! Last fall, I was treated to a keynote speech while attending a conference for Foundations in Colorado Springs, The Conference of the Southwest. The speaker, Mr. Robert E. Hall, was brought in at the last minute to fill in for someone who couldn’t attend due to flight cancellations caused by the devastating east coast hurricane, Sandy....I found Hall’s talk to be my favorite of the whole conference. Read More

How Coaching Works

Here is a great little video we found that explains how coaching works and how it can help you! Read More

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

Simply put, an organization is healthy when its leadership team, management, operations and culture are unified. Read More

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