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2 posts tagged with "leader"

Are You a Generous Leader?

Merry Christmas… it is arguably the busiest time of the year…gift buying, family gatherings, social functions, year-end duties, performance appraisals, strategic plans, bonuses, recognition, and the list goes on! Despite the frenetic pace, thankfully most of us find a moment to get in touch with the true meaning of Christmas, the importance of faith in our lives and the spirit of generosity. As you do, we also encourage you to reflect upon the answer to this question, “Are You a Generous Leader? Read More

10 Things You Must STOP Doing as a Leader

We have about a month until the end of the year, so all of us at IMPACT Consulting would like to highlight some things to focus on during the last thirty days of the year. Typically, we encourage business leaders and executives to increase certain behaviors to make them more effective. This week we thought we would "turn the tables" and let you in on some things that we have found in our work with organizations that leaders/executives should be working on doing less of: Read More

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