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First National Bank

Contrary to Conventional Wisdom, Bank Sets Sites on Transforming their Workplace Culture


In the Summer of 2009, the IMPACT team was brought in to assess the organizational culture of a community bank with 7 locations and a capitol structure of $200M.  Utilizing the Denison Organizational Culture Survey and interviews from key people in the organization, the challenge was creating a “road map” to transform the current workplace culture into a high performing culture through a series of strategic initiatives directed by the bank’s executive team. 


  • Focus on Mission: 
    • Developed Mission, Vision, and Core Value Statements
    • Implemented Annual Strategic Planning
  • Focus on Involvement:
    • Executive Team Functioning Work
    • Leadership Assessments and Coaching at Executive Team and Leadership Team Levels
  • Focus Consistency:
    • Assisted in Talent Management via Performance Management, Hiring Processes, Onboarding and Reward and Recognition program
    • Team Training and Retreats


  • The organization has continued to build long-term beneficial relationships with the staff, customers and community they serve.
  • Consistent HR processes have been put in place that has created a more positive workplace environment for employees.
  • The bank has a well-defined vision for the future and are aligned around strategies for growth.
  • Profits have continued to increase even though government regulations continue to make profitability difficult.

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