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Craig and Streight Orthodontics

Small Business Owner Strategically Sets Herself up for Success with Professional Partner Matching Program


In the Spring of 2010 Dr. Robi Craig, owner of Craig Orthodontics contacted IMPACT requesting a partnership matching assessment with an Ortho resident she was considering bringing into her practice. Dr. Craig had spent 10 years building a stellar reputation in the community and a thriving practice of approximately 30 employees. The challenge was successfully bringing on an associate, integrating him into the office culture, retaining him as a partner, and continuing the current growth in the practice.


  • The lead IMPACT consultant interviewed Dr. Craig in an effort to understand her office culture, her vision for the practice and her own set of personal values.
  • Individual interviews and assessments were conducted to determine the fit between the two potential partners, as well as determining the leadership strengths and development areas for each doctor.
  • Follow-up meetings and coaching were conducted to determine viability of partnership.
  • IMPACT facilitated meetings with both partners and staff to promote team building and advance strategic direction and planning.


  • The organization has continued to build long-term beneficial relationships with the staff, patients and community they serve.
  • Both partners have made a commitment to maintaining a healthy partnership through annual strategic planning, coaching, and quarterly partnership meetings.
  • The partners have a well-defined vision for the future and are aligned around strategies for growth.
  • Employee and patient satisfaction are at an all-time high.
  • Craig and Streight Orthodontics have doubled the size of the practice and opened a second office in a nearby community.

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