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Oklahoma State University

Two University Organizations Strategically Leverage the Strengths of Their People to Gain Competitive Advantage. Video Coming Winter 2016


In 2012/2013, the IMPACT team was brought in to two different OSU organizations to conduct leadership assessments for two separate purposes.  One was in the OSU Foundation, in which CEO, Kirk Jewell requested leadership assessments be initiated in order to inform a succession planning initiative currently underway by his organization. 

The second was in the OSU Alumni Association, in which CEO, Chris Batchelder requested leadership assessments to ensure understanding and alignment both within his executive team and his staff.  Both CEOs were intent on leveraging the valuable information they received from the assessments to get their teams to the next level.


  • Needs assessment meeting conducted by lead IMPACT consultant with both CEOs and HR to understand scope of the project.
  • Individual interviews, assessments and feedback meetings were conducted to determine leadership strengths and development areas for all assessed executives.
  • Plans were put in place for continued leadership development and coaching for the executives.
  • Meetings were held with the OSU Foundation’s CEO and HR to determine a go-forward strategy for the next generation leadership.
  • IMPACT facilitated meetings with OSU Alumni Association’s executive team and staff to promote transparency, understanding and trust.


  • Due to their continued passion about workplace culture, the OSU Foundation continues to be named one of 100 Best Places to Work in Oklahoma.
  • The OSU Foundation has secured a succession plan that will ensure a smooth leadership transition for the future stability of the organization.
  • The OSU Alumni Association continues to grow their alumni network at an accelerated rate thanks to their focus on a “work hard, have fun” workplace culture.
  • OSU Alumni Association’s leadership team and staff have a commitment to maintaining healthy relationships based on all teams within their organization.

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