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We are proud of our client relationships.  And we’re proud to share the observations of those who know best what it’s like to work with IMPACT.

The management team of First National Bank decided that in today’s economic, political, regulatory, and technology-filled environment, we needed to reinvent ourselves.  We needed to change and improve our bank’s culture and leadership skills.

The staff at IMPACT was contacted and we listened to their story.  Our story was shared as well.  After that visit, we were confident that the skill sets and capabilities of the IMPACT partners were right in line with our goals of a better performing financial institution, great staff, and a great culture.  Realizing that this is a process and not an event, we are thrilled that the bank has made substantial strides in our goals to have a successful business, outstanding staff, and satisfied clients.

We are very pleased with IMPACT.  They have helped us to determine our goals and how to achieve them.  FNB currently uses IMPACT to follow-up so that we can ensure that we continue to develop the skills we have learned.  --  Larry Briggs |  CEO & President

First National Bank & Trust Co.

My practice has utilized IMPACT on several occasions with great results.   Whether it was assessments to bring on a new partner, a staff retreat, or just picking up the phone to brainstorm about an issue that came up for my practice, IMPACT provides valuable insights, positive change processes and a depth to the work that other consultants don’t.  They truly are trusted thought partners who are passionate about their work. -- Robi Craig, DDS


We recently invited IMPACT to come to our office and present our staff with a quality staff development enrichment program to increase self-awareness, and enhance better working relationships, effective communication skills, and stronger teamwork to improve our patient care.  This proved to be not only a viable and worthwhile meeting, but also a fun-filled afternoon of learning.

I would high recommend IMPACT to any business organization, as their program is useful and effective.  I am looking forward to working with them again to develop a specific program to help us meet our own challenges.  Kathy and Cristina make a dynamic team, and I am very thankful for the opportunities they present. -- Marilyn Price | Professional Relations & Implant Liaison

Norman Smile Center

We are extremely pleased with the results we achieved thanks to IMPACT! Cristina and Kathy led our doctors, then our team, through a well-thought-out process which helped us define our goals and how to achieve them. We had many “moments of clarity,” on personal and organizational levels, and came away with ideas we put to use immediately. The results we got using IMPACT were tangible and left us feeling excited about our direction of growth. -- Jamie Belknap, DDS 

Norman Smile Center

IMPACT has assisted our organization in several areas including leadership training, communication and culture development. I have been impressed they not only possess knowledge of people, behavior, and team dynamics, but they have a clear understanding of our business purpose. The banking industry is becoming more challenging each day and the professionals at IMPACT brought the right balance of leading leadership techniques and pragmatism that helped us lay the foundation to build a culture of change that can meet those challenges head-on. -- Gloria Quezada | Vice President of Human Resources

First National Bank & Trust

One of the things they bring from a CEOs perspective is good honest feedback and evaluation of my executive team, the organization, and myself. -- Chris Moody | CEO

 Cherokee Nation Industries

Through the assistance of IMPACT, our organization now has the tools we need to meet the challenges of today’s business environment while moving toward our future successes with purpose, drive, and clarity. -- Annette Stuckey | Executive Vice President/CFO

 First National Bank & Trust


My husband and I have been in business together for 25 years. Early on we discovered that a successful business must implement good communication skills, leadership and basic understanding of personality traits.

Recently, we have utilized IMPACT to hone our communication skills and share with our staff about their individual personality traits.  The assessments seemed to be truly accurate and very helpful.

We have been very pleased with improvements in teamwork, communications, and productivity.  We would highly recommend IMPACT. -- Nan & Schot Shadid, DDS

Shawnee Dental

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