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Growing Amazing Cultures.

OrganizationA shift is occurring. The traditional “soft side” of business is delivering hard results. IMPACT supports leaders in creating high employee engagement cultures that connect your employees’ passion with the mission of your organization, inspiring commitment (instead of compliance) towards your envisioned future. Business culture has finally been brought to the bottom line – profits.

Talent Management

Cultural Transformation

We will guide you through a company-wide assessment to garner the “buy in” and support of every associate in your company. This assessment will outline what is working well as well what is a challenge within your organization. 
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Strategic Vision & PlanningStrategic Planning

The highest performing companies have gone through the process of establishing a clear understanding of why they exist, where they are going, and what they value. 
IMPACT brings a creative and productive methodology to not only your strategic vision clarity and planning process but also the ongoing implementation of the strategy. 
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Succession Planning

 Talent Management & Succession Planning

Talent management is the process by which an organization puts the right mechanisms in place to deliver competitive advantage through hiring practices and the effective management of its people, including succession planning.
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