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Growing Amazing Teams.

Executive Team FunctioningDriving positive cultural change in your organization can be directly traced to your leadership team's cohesiveness and alignment with your strategic vision. This will maximize your competitive position and performance in the marketplace.

We'll guide you through a series of assessments, interactive exercises, and discussions that provide opportunities for leadership development and growth. It's been proven that increasing each person’s self-awareness and leadership effectiveness will positively impact your organization as a whole. 

Executive Team FunctioningExecutive Team Functioning

The cohesiveness and effectiveness of the executive team is what gives a company a real competitive advantage. Leveraging human talent is what makes the crucial difference for excelling in the marketplace.
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Executive Selection ProcessExecutive Selection Process

IMPACT can increase your success rate of selecting a new executive team member or business partner who is a good fit for your organization. We assist with the interview process, deliver valid and reliable personality assessment report on the market, and act as an unbiased advisor.
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Team Training & RetreatsTeam Retreats

Off-site staff retreats offer an invaluable opportunity for the whole team to pause, step back from their everyday duties of working “in the business” and gain enough perspective to reflect “on the business” in constructive ways. 
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